Help Me Decide

Help me decide which Branding Method to use!

Which branding method to use depends on many factors.  The more information you can give us on your requirements, the better we can advise  you.

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What type of item are you branding?

Cotton and polycotton t-shirts and polos shirts are usually screen printed due to the excellent print quality and range of logos that can be replicated.

High tech polyester fabrics used for modern sportswear are best branded with digital prints or digitally cut vinyl as you get a super sharp result and the adherence is excellent.  Screen printing is also a good choice in some cases.

Business shirts are normally embroidered to give a rich luxurious look.

Knitwear is usually embroidered because prints will be damaged if the underlying fabric is stretched.

Usually most headwear is embroidered, headwear can also be branded using digital prints but because of seams on caps, embroidery usually looks the best.

What does your logo look like?

If your logo has many colours and colour fading such as containing a photo type graphic, a branding method such as digital printing will give a photographic quality image.

If your logo is simple such as a line of text with a symbol, then screen printing or digitally cut vinyl may be a good choice.

Other very complicated logos such as crests look great when embroidered.

How many items are you branding?

Some branding methods are better for large production runs and some are better for smaller amounts.  So if you need 10 shirts or 1000 shirts this will influence the best branding method for you.

What is your budget?

If you have a large budget committed to your branding, then we can offer the very best in branding methods to make your logo look amazing.  This would influence the size and number of times you display your logo per item.  The best branding method will be influenced by what you are trying to achieve.

If the budget is limited then the branding method will be the cheapest method available for the quantity you need to do.  Other options to save money include reducing the number of colours in your logo and the number of times your logo is applied to the garment.

Where do you need the item branded?

Some branding methods are not suitable for certain branding positions.  The normal branding positions are front left chest (most common), front right chest, back and sleeve.  Other less usual positions include just about the hemline and garment sides.

Embroidery requires access to the area to be embroidered, so some small pockets on bags cannot be embroidered, but other forms of printing may be excellent.

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